PNDP – Portraits in Medford Square

Here’s PNDP assignment #3: portraits of strangers. I biked to Medford Square for this one. Getting 12 images was hard. I’m kinda shy, and this was a lot of people to ask for portraits. It worked out in the end, though.

These days Teresa spends a lot of time in physical therapy and a lot of time hanging out with George, who runs Rosa’s Roast Beef. She does her grocery shopping at the Medford Square CVS. She has a herniated disc, arthritis in her knees, and a mild suspicion of Medford tap water, so she’ll borrow a cart to push up the hill to the apartment where she’s lived for the past eleven years. She says that if you live long enough, beauty companies will discontinue everything you like to use. The CVS doesn’t sell the hair dye she likes any more. The Garnier shampoo she uses now used to be expensive and foreign in the 1980s, imported from her family’s homeland. She’s Italian and George is Greek — no blood relation — but George still says she’s his sister. They’ve known each other that long.

Click the thumbnails for a better view. More PNDP photos: week 1, week 2.

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