PNDP – Everett

This semester I’m taking Program for Narrative and Documentary Practice, a photography + writing class. Everyone in the class shoots in “Wonderland,” an area the teacher delineates as anywhere north of Mystic Ave, bounded on the west by the Fells and on the Atlantic on the east. The first week he just had us go into Wonderland and get lost in it if we could, in order to begin getting acquainted with it — no photos required. I took some anyway.

12 Replies to “PNDP – Everett”

  1. I worked in Lynn in 1989, commuted via Everett and Revere daily. I remember feeling like I had crossed into a different culture from Tufts and Cambridge area once I entered Medford on Rt 16 to Rt 60. Rich in imagery (it was my first photo class at at Tufts where I became obsessed with “ bathtub virgins” in the streets near and around Tufts…)


    1. Once you’re past Mystic Ave and the far reach of Tufts’ influence everything really is different! I love those bathtub virgins — they’re such a thing here that one of the example photos for “Bathtub Madonna” on Wikipedia was taken in Somerville.


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