Photo a Day: Texture at IARYD

My senior honors thesis class, for a reason neither the students nor the professor can fathom, is in the building that houses the Tufts Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development -- in the same room my sports videography internship with the IARYD held trainings in summer 2016. Very weird.

Photo a Day: Sod at SciTech

Tufts was still putting the finishing touches on its newest building, the Science and Technology Center, when classes started this fall. Here's my photo of the day: some rolled sod waiting to be laid out outside SciTech by maintenance workers.

Hillel Bagel Brunch

Another event I photographed during 2017 first-year orientation: the Tufts Hillel Bagel Brunch. In addition to bagels, the event featured a staggering number of acapella groups, far more than pictured here. O-week at Tufts seems to be saturated in acapella, no matter your interest or where you go.