PNDP: Forest & Road

Here’s PNDP assignment #8: to shoot 6 pictures of highways and 6 pictures of the woods. I chose to do graphically matched pairs of photos to compare the two settings. Some of the parallels are obvious; others, less so. I’d love to hear what you think about it.

For this assignment, I wanted to draw nonjudgmental parallels between more developed and less developed areas of Wonderland. What’s different? What’s the same? Does leaf litter look like litter thrown from cars? What plants grow in a parking lot as opposed to a park?

A difference: Developed areas are infrastructurally intended for cars. As a pedestrian, you become afraid you will be run over. This world is not designed for you. Wooded areas are not intended for anyone. As a wanderer, you become afraid that you will fall and injure yourself, and no one will find you. This world is not designed for you either. Everywhere is about the body.

A similarity: Life — plant and animal — persists everywhere, regardless.

Click the thumbnails for a better view. More PNDP photos: week 1week 2, week 3week 4, week 5week 6, week 7.

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