Photo a Day: Border Cafe

This picture requires no explanation. If you enjoy Tex-Mex, want to eat large amounts of cheese, and are going to be in the Cambridge, MA area, please go to Border Cafe in Harvard Square and order a burro. Not sponsored, I just love this burro that much.

Photo a Day: Neighborhood

Some neighbors a little down the street from us have an enormous collection of inflatable lawn decorations. Every Sunday during football season, they inflate this Patriots player, but the rest of the week he just kind of. . .hangs around.

Photo a Day: Texture at IARYD

My senior honors thesis class, for a reason neither the students nor the professor can fathom, is in the building that houses the Tufts Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development -- in the same room my sports videography internship with the IARYD held trainings in summer 2016. Very weird.

Photo a Day: Sod at SciTech

Tufts was still putting the finishing touches on its newest building, the Science and Technology Center, when classes started this fall. Here's my photo of the day: some rolled sod waiting to be laid out outside SciTech by maintenance workers.