Housemate Grad Photos

Last year, one of my old college suitemates reached out to ask me to take some group/family type portraits for her. She and her friends were graduating and going their separate ways after living together during school, and they wanted to commemorate their time together. So they packed up their trusty living room couch, brought it to Powderhouse Square in Somerville, and posed on it one last time before graduation.

This is still one of my favorite shoots ever. It was a beautiful day, everyone was having fun, and I got to help preserve a special moment for a group of people I could tell cared about each other so much. I’d do found family shoots like this every day if I could.

2018-05-08 Avery Spratt Couch 0042018-05-08 Avery Spratt Couch 0102018-05-08 Avery Spratt Couch 0122018-05-08 Avery Spratt Couch 0172018-05-08 Avery Spratt Couch 023

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