Kelly’s Graduation Portraits

Here’s another from the archives: some solo and family portraits I did for Kelly, one of the former captains of Spirit of the Creative, when we were both graduating from Tufts last year. She’s super tall compared to most of her family, but we got clever with the stairs outside Eaton Hall for some of the group shots.

Big family shoots like this can be challenging because there are so many people and you want to make sure everyone looks their best and isn’t overlooked, but they’re some of my favorite to do too — they’re so much fun, and you can really feel the love!

2018-04-28 Kelly Burk Graduation Photos 0012018-04-28 Kelly Burk Graduation Photos 0162018-04-28 Kelly Burk Graduation Photos 0272018-04-28 Kelly Burk Graduation Photos 0342018-04-28 Kelly Burk Graduation Photos 0412018-04-28 Kelly Burk Graduation Photos 046

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