Promo Photos for Home Despot

Here’s another from the archive: these promotional portraits of Sophia for their band Home Despot. This was a fun shoot! We went to Kelly’s Diner, a Ball Square staple, and shot in/near the Tufts Crafts Center, which is full of brightly colored surfaces and strange items to use as props.

Assuming everything isn’t canceled for virus reasons, Home Despot is opening for GA-20 at the Atwoods Tavern in Cambridge on April 4. More info can be found on the Facebook event for the concert. Worth a look if you like blues and dark folk!

2019-01-07 Sophia Belle Portraits 004

2019-01-07 Sophia Belle Portraits 029

2019-01-07 Sophia Belle Portraits 0102019-01-07 Sophia Belle Portraits 0082019-01-07 Sophia Belle Portraits 0172019-01-07 Sophia Belle Portraits 026

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