ACLU of MA Annual Report 2018

Last year (and this year!) I had the honor of taking the photos for the ACLU of MA’s annual report. The report is here in PDF form if you want to read about what the ACLU of MA was up to last year, and I’ve posted some high res photos from it below.

The 2018 annual report was the first gig I did after having back surgery last year, and it was an great way to get back in the saddle after taking such a long, involuntary break. I drove nearly 300 miles, met a bunch of amazing people, and took so, so many photos. I’m glad I got to start working again by documenting plaintiffs, volunteers, activists, and lawmakers who are fighting for a better world.

2018-10-14 ACLUM Freedom MA Leo 003_e
Leo, who worked on the Yes on 3 campaign, poses in front of the Freedom Massachusetts office.
2018-10-19 ACLUM Lucimar 005
Lucimar, a plaintiff in the Calderon v. Nielsen case, poses with her son at her home in Everett. ICE illegally imprisoned her after she went to a CIS office to validate her marriage, and the ACLU’s lawsuit put pressure on them to reunite her with her family.
2018-10-20 ACLUM Herschelle and Nicole 003
Nicole and Herschelle pose in front of the Springfield courthouse. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that misconduct at the state’s Amherst drug lab lead to them being wrongfully convicted.
2018-10-20 ACLUM What a Difference a DA Makes 008
Cassandra (R), canvassing coordinator for the “What a Difference a DA Makes” campaign in Worcester, meets with her canvassers before a long day in the field.
2018-10-24 ACLUM Carol 011
Carol, the ACLU of MA executive director, poses in the ACLU of MA’s office in Boston.
2018-10-24 ACLUM Kade 012
Kade, the ACLU of MA’s technology for liberty director, poses against a mural in Boston.
2018-10-24 ACLUM State Senator Harriette Chandler 002
MA State Senate President Emerita Harriette Chandler and sponsor of the NASTY Women Act, poses in her office in the State House.
2018-11-06 ACLUM First Time Voter 001
Damaris stands in the school in Natick where she just voted for the first time.