Dance Performance Photography – Wuzee’s Vermillion

I don’t have much new work to show yet, but I have tons of work I did before my injury to share. Here’s some: photos of a show by Tufts’ Chinese fusion dance group, Wuzee, from March 2018. A local Chinese youth dance troupe performed too.

2018-03-09 Wuzee Vermillion 0182018-03-09 Wuzee Vermillion 0302018-03-09 Wuzee Vermillion 0412018-03-09 Wuzee Vermillion 0472018-03-09 Wuzee Vermillion 0912018-03-09 Wuzee Vermillion 1022018-03-09 Wuzee Vermillion 1202018-03-09 Wuzee Vermillion 122

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