Sarabande Fall Show 2018

Another from the archive — Sarabande’s fall 2018 show. I shot that show a few months after I had back surgery and was still pretty early in my recovery. I felt uncertain about saying yes to taking photos of a dance show, because I knew it would require a lot of hurrying back and forth up the aisle and I wasn’t sure I could do it without hurting myself. The pictures were fine, but what you can’t see from looking at them is that they were and a little painful to take. I was glad the shoot (kind of) worked out, and I had no idea how many shoots over the next year would have that same unstable my-legs-might-collapse-at-any-moment feeling. Here’s what I got for it.

2018-11-10 Sarabande 0012018-11-10 Sarabande 0052018-11-10 Sarabande 0212018-11-10 Sarabande 0432018-11-10 Sarabande 0512018-11-10 Sarabande 0792018-11-10 Sarabande 0872018-11-10 Sarabande 167

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