That’s What We Get for Whole Hole Hole

I took some shots for Cloud Cellar‘s fall zine “Whole Hole Hole.” These are not my typical work at all, but I figured if anyone wouldn’t mind it, it’d be “Medford’s most esoteric gallery and venue.”

That’s What We Get
Here are a few of the kinds of holes I am interested in:
– Head, hole in the. See also Trepanning, Trent Reznor
– Hero of Haarlem, the.
– Manhole. Disambiguation: see either Manhole (Sewage) or Man hole (LGBT argot). See also Trans separatism
– Sink, subcategory Bathroom and subcategory Kitchen, section Garbage disposal
– Dream, navel of the. See Freud, subcategory “The Interpretation of Dreams,” footnote 8
– Wounds, holy. Subcategory Spear of destiny.
– Wounds, exit.

That's What We Get_Ray Bernoff_1That's What We Get_Ray Bernoff_2That's What We Get_Ray Bernoff_3That's What We Get_Ray Bernoff_4That's What We Get_Ray Bernoff_5That's What We Get_Ray Bernoff_6That's What We Get_Ray Bernoff_7That's What We Get_Ray Bernoff_8That's What We Get_Ray Bernoff_9

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